Opens a web link after scanning.
Displays the entered text after scanning.
Displays a fixed telephone number for a call.
Send an SMS with the predefined text.
Displays contact information at the Smartphone.
Static QR code Dynamic QR code
Website (URL)


Home address

Business address


Change QR Code design
Here you are able to select the image file format for the download.
The error correction determines the redundancy in your QR code. A higher error correction leads to a larger QR code but still remains readable, even if it is partially concealed or damaged.
The resolution specifies the pixels per QR code point and is relevant only for the pixel graphics JPG, PNG and GIF. Useful values​​: 1 to 20

QR Codes - flexibel in use

QR codes are everywhere. In magazines, posters, packings or promotional advertising. They are taking us to a website or appstore, loading videos, PDFs and pictures, send email or sms or pass on texts or whole business cards.

Static QR code

weblink = target link

Static QR codes always lead to a specified target link.

Dynamic QR code

weblink = alias name

With dynamic QR codes of the target link can be changed later without having to create a new QR code, for example, even if the QR code is already printed.

Static QR code

weblink = target link

Long URLs often become larger and more complex QR codes which are difficult to scan and therefore has to be displayed in a larger size.

Dynamic QR code

weblink = alias name

With dynamic QR codes from your URLs are automatically shortened. The resulting alias name is less complex and thus easy to scan and even the the alias name don’t afford much space to print.

Dynamic links with QR Codes

Change the link adresses or actions in retrospect – any time, as often as you want. It is possible with dynamic QR codes. E.g. if QR codes are already printed, but the webadress has changed, or if you want to present other content – with dynamic QR codes you are always free to do so and on the safe side.

QR Codes in best print quality

Download your QR codes in high resolution as JPG, PNG, PDF or as scalable vector file in SVG and EPS formats.

your Logo – your QR Code – your Design

QR codes with your personal color and design – Show the users, that they will get your content by scanning QR code. Increase your brand recognition with logo integrated and colored QR codes. And it is really simple. Send us your logo and select the two colores. view

Your success always in view

Your tracking functions collect all relevant data in realtime to enable a precise analysis of your QR code campaigns: We collect the number of scans, the location of scans and the used type of smartphones. So you are able to plan and optimize your QR code marketing campaigns.

API – automate processes

Create and manage your QR Codes and alias URLs comfortable automatically with easy integrable API by The API has no need for wasteful integration or training time and is independent of programming languages.

White Label Solution

Do you want to use our service as a white label license so your company is capable to create short, dynamic QR codes with its own acronym itself ( On request designed in your branding and with your logo. Interested? Then let’s talk about:

Take advantage of the flexibility and dynamics, which a QR Code are able to provide.

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